37+ Leftover Turkey Recipes Images

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37+ Leftover Turkey Recipes Images. From sandwiches to soups to casseroles, there are so many great turkey recipes that will make your leftovers anything but boring. 30 leftover turkey recipes you can make in 60 minutes or less.

Turkey Croquettes - Leftovers #7 | swellkid
Turkey Croquettes – Leftovers #7 | swellkid from swellkid.files.wordpress.com

Here are 47 leftover turkey recipes to try after the big day ends. You'll be gobbling these leftover turkey recipes all week long. From creamy pot pie soup to the warm flavors of a cranberry and pecan salad, we've got you covered.

These leftover turkey recipes will please any crowd!

Or chopped brussels sprouts!) with spaghetti and for pure comfort food, simply use shredded leftover turkey in place of the lamb in this recipe. Substitute your leftover thanksgiving turkey for turkey cutlets in this comforting soup recipe. 28 easy, healthy recipes for leftover turkey. Let your imagination run wild with these great recipes and ideas for turkey dinner leftovers.